How your technote gets published to the web#

Technotes are published onto the web through the process of pushing commits to GitHub. This page explains that process in more detail.

The main website#

Rubin technotes are published to the web on the domain, with a dedicated subdomain that corresponds to the document’s handle. For example, if a document is assigned the handle DMTN-123, it will be published to

By default, this main page corresponds to the latest build from the technote repository’s main branch.

Views for other branches and tags#

If you push a commit to a branch other than main, or if you push a tag, the technote will be published to a different URL. You can find a listing of these alternative editions of the technote at the /v URL path (or click the View all versions link in the left sidebar of the technote webpage).

How GitHub Actions builds and publishes the technote#

Technotes are built and published to the web by a GitHub Actions workflow. By default, this workflow is the .github/workflows/ci.yaml workflow. You can view the status and logs for GitHub Actions workflows at the Actions tab of the technote repository. For more information, see GitHub’s documentation on GitHub Actions.

The default ci.yaml workflow delegates to a reusable workflow in lsst-sqre/rubin-sphinx-technote-workflows. By default, this workflow runs the make html command to build the technote.