Editing a technote with the GitHub web UI

For small edits, you can edit a technote directly from GitHub’s website. The benefit of this approach is that you don’t need to clone a repository or install any software to contribute to a Rubin technote. You can even get a branch-based preview of your changes by creating a pull request. The downside is that you only get feedback on the build status and linter after you’ve committed your changes.

Using the edit-on-github feature

You can edit a technote directly on GitHub’s website. You can make a single commit directly from GitHub’s website. To open this interface, either:

  • Navigate to the index.rst or index.md file on the technote’s GitHub page and press the e key (alternatively click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the file view).

  • From the technote’s pubilshed page, click the Edit on GitHub link on the left sidebar, under the Source heading.

Make your edits and end a commit message. It’s recommended to commit to a new branch so that you can preview your changes in a pull request before merging them.

For more details on this feature, see GitHub’s documentation on Editing files.

Using github.dev

An alternative approach is to use the [github.dev](https://github.dev) service. Open the technote’s GitHub page in your browser and press the . key. This opens a basic VS Code editor in your browser. You can edit multiple files and commit your changes directly from the browser.

For more details on this feature, see GitHub’s documentation on github.dev.