Cross-linking the Doxygen-built C++ API reference with the lsstcc role#

The project includes an embedded Doxygen -generated subsite to document the LSST Science Pipelines’s C++ API. For more information about the Doxygen subsite, see Doxygen build from the build overview.

This page describes how to link between reStructuredText content and the C++ API reference.

Listing linkable C++ APIs (stack-docs listcc)#

Documenteer includes the stack-docs listcc command that helps you find C++ APIs that are linkable with the lsstcc role. The APIs are automatically escaped so that you can copy-and-paste them into the lsstcc role in a reStructuredText document.

From the pipelines_lsst_io project repository, run the command to see the signatures of all available APIs:

stack-docs listcc

You filter the signatures with a regular expression pattern. To filter only the lsst::afw::table APIs:

stack-docs listcc -p lsst::afw::table

The -p optional accepts any Python regular expression syntax.

Additionally, you can also filter by type. For example, to see only header files:

stack-docs listcc -t file

You can supply multiple -t options. To see both classes and functions:

stack-docs listcc -t class -t function

The available types are:

  • class

  • define

  • enumeration

  • file

  • function

  • group

  • namespace

  • struct

  • typedef

  • variable

See also

For more information, see the reference documentation for the stack-docs command.