Maintaining common BibTeX files with refresh-lsst-bib#

Sphinx technotes vendor LSST’s common BibTeX bibliography files (maintained in lsst-texmf) into an lsstbib directory, contained within the technote’s repository. These bib files are checked into a technote’s Git repository so that the technote is repeatably buildable independently of lsst-texmf, and without resorting to complicated techniques like Git submodules.

Periodically you may need to update these bib files with the latest versions available from the lsst-texmf repository. Documenteer includes the refresh-lsst-bib, also available through technote’s make refresh-bib target, to make this process straightforward.

Steps for updating LSST BibTeX files#

  1. From the root directory of the technote, run:

    make refresh-bib

    This command runs refresh-lsst-bib and downloads the latest bib files from lsst-texmf’s master branch on GitHub.

  2. Commit the modified bib files:

    git add lsstbib/*.bib
    git commit

Command reference#


Download LSST .bib bibliography files from the lsst-texmf GitHub repository.

usage: refresh-lsst-bib [-h] [-d DIR] [-v]
-h, --help#

show this help message and exit

-d <dir>, --dir <dir>#

Directory to download bib files into. Default is the current working directory.

-v, --verbose#

Enable Verbose output (debug level logging)

Version 0.6.14.dev78+g7bf1a93