Installing Documenteer

Installation with pip

You can install Documenteer from PyPI with pip:

pip install documenteer

For different applications, install Documenteer with specific “extras” to bring in the necessary dependencies.

For technote projects:

pip install "documenteer[technote]"

For LSST Stack projects (such as and EUPS packages):

pip install "documenteer[pipelines]"

See Installing Documenteer for for more information.

Installation with Conda

Documenteer is available from conda-forge for Conda users. First, enable the conda-forge channel:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict

To install only the core documenteer package:

conda install documenteer

To install documenteer for technote projects:

conda-install lsst-documenteer-technote

To install documenteer for LSST Stack projects (such as and EUPS packages):

conda-install lsst-documenteer-pipelines

Installation from source

See Development guide for details.