documenteer.stackdocs.doxygen.preprocess_package_doxygen_conf(*, conf, package)

Preprocess a Doxygen configuration for an individual package that is based on a package’s file.

This function adds paths to the INPUT configuration tag, and plays an equivalent role to sconsUtils to add configurations to the template for a package.


A DoxygenConfiguration for an individual package. Most likely, this configuration is based on a file, which has not been processed by sconsUtils, and thus does not have INPUT configurations set.


Metadata about the package itself.


The only default package paths that are added to the Doxygen INPUT configuration tag are:

  • include

The doc and python directories are handled exclusively by Sphinx. The src directory isn’t handled because Doxygen documentation comments are written exclusively in header files per the LSST DM standard. The examples directory is also deprecated in the Sphinx regime.

Return type