documenteer.sphinxrunner.run_sphinx(root_dir, job_count=1, warnings_as_errors=False, nitpicky=False)#

Run the Sphinx build process.

  • root_dir (str) – Root directory of the Sphinx project and content source. This directory contains both the root index.rst file and the configuration file.

  • job_count (int) – Number of cores to run the Sphinx build with (-j flag)

  • warnings_as_errors (bool) – If True, treat Sphinx warnings as errors (-W flag).

  • nitpicky (bool) – If True, activate Sphinx’s nitpicky mode (-n flag).


status – Sphinx status code. 0 is expected. Greater than 0 indicates an error.

Return type:



This function implements similar internals to Sphinx’s own sphinx-build command. Most configurations are hard-coded to defaults appropriate for building stack documentation, but flexibility can be added later as needs are identified.