documenteer.sphinxconfig.stackconf.build_package_configs(project_name, version='unknown', copyright=None, doxygen_xml_dirname=None)

Builds a dict of Sphinx configurations useful for the doc/ files of individual LSST Stack packages.

The doc/ of packages can ingest these configurations via:

from documenteer.sphinxconfig.stackconf import build_package_configs

_g = globals()

You can subsequently customize the Sphinx configuration by directly assigning global variables, as usual in a Sphinx, e.g.:

copyright = '2016 Association of Universities for '
            'Research in Astronomy, Inc.'
project_name : str

Name of the package.

copyright : str, optional

Copyright statement. Do not include the ‘Copyright (c)’ string; it’ll be added automatically.

version : str

Version string. Use the __version__ member in a package’s version module.

doxygen_xml_dirname : str

Path to doxygen-generated XML, allowing C++ APIs to be documented through breathe. If not set, the breathe sphinx extension will not be enabled.

c : dict

Dictionary of configurations that should be added to the global namespace via:

_g = global()