documenteer.sphinxconfig.stackconf Module#

Sphinx configuration defaults for LSST Stack packages.


Some configurations based on astropy-helpers astropy/astropy-helpers see licenses/astropy-helpers.txt


build_package_configs(project_name[, ...])

Builds a dict of Sphinx configurations useful for the doc/ files of individual LSST Stack packages.

build_pipelines_lsst_io_configs(*, project_name)

Build a dict of Sphinx configurations that populate the of the main pipelines_lsst_io Sphinx project for LSST Science Pipelines documentation.

documenteer.sphinxconfig.utils Module#

Utilities for sphinx configuration.



Form the LSST the Docs edition name for this branch, using the same logic as LTD Keeper does for transforming branch names into edition names.

get_filepaths_with_extension(extname[, root_dir])

Get relative filepaths of files in a directory, and sub-directories, with the given extension.

get_project_content_commit_date([root_dir, ...])

Get the datetime for the most recent commit to a project that affected Sphinx content.


Obtain the current branch name from the Git repository.


Obtain the timestamp from the current head commit of a Git repository.


Obtain the timestamp for the most recent commit to a given file in a Git repository.