documenteer.ext.autocppapi Module#

Sphinx extension to generate a list of doxylink-based links to C++ APIs in a namespace.



Set up the documenteer.ext.autocppapi Sphinx extensions.

filter_symbolmap(symbol_map[, kinds, match])

Filter the entries in a symbol map to only those that match a certain API type or name regular expression.


AutoCppApi(name, arguments, options, ...)

The autocppapi directive that lists C++ APIs within a namespace, as detected by doxylink.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of documenteer.ext.autocppapi.AutoCppApi

documenteer.ext.autodocreset Module#

Sphinx extension to reset autodoc enhancements made by sphinx-automodapi that may be incompatible with LSST Science Pipelines API documentation.

Specifically, the automodapi autodoc enhancement that replaces the attr getter for type is incompatible with pybind11 static properties. This extension should be used after sphinx_automodapi.automodapi to reset the autodoc attr getter for type to the one built into autodoc.



Set up the documenteer.ext.autodocreset extension.

documenteer.ext.openapi Module#

A Sphinx extension for generating the OpenAPI Spec for a FastAPI application.



Entry point for the Sphinx extension.

generate_openapi_spec(app, config)

Generate the OpenAPI spec from a user-specified generator function.